The Addfin Group commenced its business in 2007, to serve the more specific financial services needs of small and medium-size businesses (SME’s) in South Africa.

It was established by lead partner, Mr. Erasmus Pretorius after acquiring the clientèle of a Johannesburg based auditing and accounting practice. Since then, Addfin has expanded rapidly, offering full-solution integrated financial services that are tailored to the often complex needs of certain SME’s.

What We Do

Addfin Group offers an integrated mix of professional financial services, which focus on areas of: compliance, governance, accounting and auditing.

How we structure our services ensures that we are not simply a service provider, but a financial partnership. One whose personality, passion and ambition adds value and creates valuable insights for your organisation.

Ultimately, we aim to grow our organisation by offering an unrivalled professional and personal service, delivered effectively and in a cost-efficient manner

Corporate Structure:

  1. Addfin Auditors
  2. The Accounting Team
  3. Addfin Accountants

Addfin Group is managed by dynamic professionals with a passion for assisting its clients.

Our Team

Erasmus Pretorius


  • CA(SA) and Registered Auditor.

Riaan Roux


  • CA(SA) and Registered Auditor.

Jacqueline Kruger


  • CA(SA) and Registered Auditor.


Accounting Team

We only employ FASSET, SAICA and SAIPA registered trainee accountants. These trainees receive daily in-service training and ongoing academic training.


We can integrate with and handle any financial functions of your company’s back office.

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Why Use Us

We provide faultless financial services for businesses and individuals, ensuring your interests are always covered and secure.